Infissi arredamenti firenze, arezzo siena, Carpentry workshop - Tuscan handcrafted manufacturing, customized solutions.

falegnameria artigiana toscana, infissi arredamenti su misura



# Planning

We provide solutions tailored to customers’ needs as well as 3D renderings upon request.

# Customized manufacturing

Our artisanal products are tailored to customers’ needs and desires . We study every detail for custom furnishings and window/door casings.

# Installation

Upon request, our highly qualified staff can take care of the installation.

# Transport and delivery

We can deliver directly or we can arrange the shipment by your trusted courier.

# Wide selection of materials

Our meticulous attention to detail starts with the selection of the materials from the best suppliers in accordance with our customers’ wishes.

# On-site survey

Upon request, we offer an on-site survey in order to provide the best solution for each project.

# Payment in instalments

Upon request, we can offer installment payments, through our partner banks and financial institutions, at the best market conditions.

falegnameria artigianale toscana

F.lli Vadi s.n.c.
Via Della Resistenza, 26
Levane di Montevarchi 52023 (AR)
P. iva: 00916020514
REA: AR - 78671

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